NET Ministries
is returning to the Mid-Ohio Valley,
bringing a
fun, high-energy retreat experience
with a
straightforward Gospel presentation!

What's NET and what are NET retreats?

NET Ministries is an international youth ministry organization, with over 27 years of Catholic youth ministry experience. Ninety NET volunteers, ages 18 to 28, are sent out in vans each year across the United States in teams of 10 to 12. The retreat teams share their faith during retreats and will encounter 60,000 youth. Each team invites all they meet to give their lives to the only one who can satisfy their hungry hearts - Jesus Christ.

Team members proclaim the Gospel through great music, challenging talks, excellent speakers,
small group discussion, drama, and personal faith sharing

There is no cost. 
Boys bring soda, girls a bag of chips

Secure your space NOW by downloading a Registration Form here or get one from your parish Director of Religious Education!! 

Local middle and high schools will be alerted, and have always been helpful in 
allowing this absence (for a religious activity)

Seniors - Wednesday, October 12th 
8a.m. 3:30p.m.
(to be held at St. Monica Church in Lubeck)

6-8th Grades - Thursday, October 13th
8a.m. 3:30p.m.
(to be held at St. Margaret Mary Parish Activity Center)

9-11th Grades Friday, October 14th
8a.m. 3:30p.m.
(to be held at St. Francis Xavier Parish Center)

Brought to you by area Catholic Churches

 *Open to ALL *

The Goals of a NET Retreat are:

NET Ministries: Challenging young Catholics to love Christ
and embrace the life of the Church

Questions?  Please contact Parkersburg Inter-parish Faith Formation Coordinator, 
Catherine Wharton pipffc@gmail.com or 304.422.6786



"This retreat has opened my eyes.  I was straying very far from God and constantly piling activities and other things on my plate, I no longer had Him in my life.  This retreat was a reminder of how important my faith is and that I can't keep putting it off until I'm in trouble and need it.  I was challenged to both make changes and grow in my faith.  My favorite part of the retreat was being able to individually reflect on my life and realize what and where I need to change.  This retreat helped me find a solid foundation to start establishing my life around."

~ Amanda, 16, Whittier, CA