Parish Finance Council

Members:   Frank McCusker, Dave Quattro, George DiBacco.
Presider:    Fr. John Rice

In accord with Canon Law, St. Monica Parish has a Finance Council to  "aid the pastor in the administration of the parish goods". (Canon 537)

The council is to "consist of at least 3 members, Catholics in good standing, truly skilled at financial affairs as well as in civil law, of outstanding integrity and appointed by the pastor (administrator) for a three-year term. Having completed this term, they may be named to other three-year terms...They may not be members of the parish staff...whether paid or volunteer...may not be on both the Pastoral and Finance Councils (committees excepted)...may not be removed without consulting the membership of the Finance Council."  (Temporalities 12/03/02 Update)

Members of the council have access to all parish financial records. Meetings are held in confidence with information issued only by the pastor or with the pastor's approval. Meetings occur at least quarterly.

            Finance Council assists the pastor: